How to find contacts for a podcast

When you're ready to reach out to a podcast to learn more or send a pitch we display contact information including email address, contact pages and social media accounts.

While viewing any podcast, click on the Contacts button:

You'll see the contacts that we found for this podcast and be able to copy them to your clipboard.

If you're unable to get in touch with a show by email you could also try sending a message via one of their social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram.

Request the concierge service

Sourcing the best contacts across our huge database of podcasts is complex and sometimes we make mistakes, or our system is unable to find a good email address for a particular show.

Can't see any good contacts listed for a podcast? After tapping the Contacts button in any podcast you can request the concierge service and our team of researchers will find you the best and most up-to-date contact information.

Our team will get back to you ASAP but you may need to wait 1-2 working days. You'll receive an email notification when your request has been completed.

Exporting contacts

You should first create a target list and add a few podcasts to it in order to export contacts.

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