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Get started by learning how to find podcasts, create lists and export data.

How to search for podcasts

Let's imagine that you're trying to find a few promising podcasts in the niche that you're targeting. The home screen is the first place that you'll land in Rephonic and that's where to begin your search.

Enter a topic and hit enter to begin searching for podcasts. Rephonic looks at podcast titles, descriptions and the show notes of recent episodes to find the most relevant matches. By default, the results are ordered by a combination of relevance and estimated listeners per episode.

Let's see how the results look:

You may see an icon next to a podcast's name if we think that they accept sponsors or advertisers.

You can also search podcast Titles and Publishers if you already know what you're looking for. Or you can search across Episodes.

Narrow down your search using filters

Rephonic supports a large set of advanced search filters that allow you to narrow down your search results. For example, if you only want to see shows in the Business category so you can click the Categories filter button and click that.

You can also use multiple filters at the same time. For example, if you're looking for podcasts in the Business category that also accept sponsors, simply use both the Category and Sponsored filters together.

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Tap on a podcast to learn more

See a podcast in the search results that looks promising? Click the blue title and we'll display everything we know about this show including estimated reach, demographics and social media metrics.

Ready to pitch a show? Get their email address by clicking on the Contacts button or start building a media list by clicking on Add to List.

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Start building a list

Lists are a convenient place to keep track of podcasts that you've found in the search results. Use them to create media lists or to keep tabs on shows that you care about.

The easiest way to start building a list is from the search screen. Enter a topic to search for podcasts and then tap the Build a List button:

You'll notice a new Add button that appears next to each podcast in the search results. Tap on that to add that show to your new list.

You can also tap on Add to List while viewing any podcast:

Now you'll be able to create a brand new list or add this podcast to an existing list:

You can always access your lists by clicking the Lists button at the top of any page.

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Share the list with your team

Collaborating on a list with your team can be very powerful. First click on the Lists button at the top of any page to access your lists. Click on the list that you created to open it up.

Click on the Share button to see your sharing options:

Clicking on one of your team members will share the list with them. They will now be able to add and remove podcasts from the list too.

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Export your list

Once you've added a few podcasts to a list you may want to export the data to be used in other software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. In any list click on the Export button:

You will be prompted to download the CSV file to your computer.

Exports include the contact email addresses for each podcast.

Send a pitch

The pitch editor makes it easy to write your pitches inside Rephonic. Choose from a range of winning templates, or add your own, and then customize it for each podcast.

You can quickly write and send a pitch by clicking on the Lists button on the top-right corner and selecting the list that the podcast you want to pitch is in, and clicking on the Send a Pitch icon.

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Adding private notes to a podcast

Whether you're working alone or in a team, it can be useful to add private notes to podcasts if, for example, you've contacted the publisher and found out more information.

While viewing any podcast click on Add a Note to add a private note. It will instantly appear on the page for you and other members of your team.

Notes are private and they will only appear for you and for other members of your team.

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